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Sala dla gości Dominos Pizza Katowice Piotrowicka

ul. Piotrowicka 100


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Sala dla gości Dominos Pizza Katowice ul. Szewska

ul. Szewska 11 (CH Manhattan)


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Domino’s in Poland and around the world

Domino’s Pizza, established in 1960, is the largest chain of pizza restaurants in the world and one of the most recognised international brands, successful in over 90 markets and constantly growing. It breaks records in the delivery of delicious, hot pizza, made from the highest quality ingredients all while maintaining the highest standards during every stage of its preparation. Around the world, Domino's has over 18 300 restaurants, employing over 300 000 staff, delivering pizza to over 1 000 000 customers a day. It owes its success to a careful choice of suppliers and care given in regard to every detail so that the customers can enjoy an exceptional flavour of their meals.

We opened the first Domino’s restaurant in Poland on the 28th of February 2011 in Warsaw, at ul. Bukowińska 26c. Since 2021, after merging with Dominium Pizza, the chain now boasts over 120 restaurants, while the close cooperation of both chains opened the doors to a more effective use of many years of experience on the gastronomy market, an increased growth potential, and to consolidating the market position. Thus, most importantly, customers can enjoy a wider and diversified menu offer, the possibility of convenient orders by means of modern sales channels, and a fast delivery process.

Why is our pizza special?

At Domino’s, we believe that good food is an element of a good life! We want to accompany you in any place, at any time, because we know that a tasty pizza delivers positive emotions and tasty experiences, regardless of age. We want to always be close to you, for you to draw pleasure provided by nutritious and good food. The best food can only be made when prepared from good quality, authentic ingredients, which is why we only use fresh, highest quality ingredients, as only these guarantee true flavour. We carefully choose the suppliers of our dough flour, tomatoes, meat, and cheese – we focus on every detail!

Our menu includes fresh and delicious pizzas and aromatic starters, while the eat-in menus, at restaurants with waiter service, also offer Roman pizzas, calzone with varied fillings, as well as pasta. To complete your unforgettable experience, you can also choose among a range of desserts, as well as from a variety of hot and cold drinks. You also have a choice of convenient ordering systems: online, at, by means of a mobile app, as well as by calling the nationwide Contact Centre number - 22 210 10 10.

Taste the good life!